Beat the Heat with Sunshine in a Glass: How to Make Honey Ginger Mango Lassi with your Blender

Lassi, the quintessential yogurt drink from India, isn’t just about cooling down on a scorching day. It’s an explosion of flavor and a canvas for culinary creativity. Today, we’re taking things up a notch with a tropical twist – the Honey Ginger Mango Lassi!

This vibrant lassi is like sunshine in a glass, bursting with the sweetness of mango, the warmth of ginger, and a touch of honey for that golden kiss. And the best part? It’s surprisingly easy to whip up in your trusty blender, making it the perfect way to impress your guests or simply treat yourself to a taste of the tropics.


  • 1 ripe mango, chopped
  • 1 cup plain yogurt (full-fat for a richer taste)
  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 cup cold water
  • Pinch of ground cardamom (optional)
  • Fresh mint leaves, for garnish
Honey Ginger Mango Lassi


  1. Start with the sunshine: Blend the chopped mango until smooth and creamy. This sets the stage for our lassi’s vibrant base.
  2. Spice it up: Add the ginger, yogurt, honey, and water to the blender. Pulse a few times to combine, then blend until frothy and well-chilled.
  3. Cardamom for an extra kick: If you’re feeling adventurous, add a pinch of ground cardamom for a touch of earthy complexity.
  4. Pour and garnish: Serve your lassi chilled in tall glasses. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint for an extra pop of color and aroma.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Ripe is key: Use a perfectly ripe mango for the sweetest and most flavorful lassi. If your mango isn’t quite there yet, a quick stint in the freezer can help soften it up.
  • Honey heaven: Feel free to adjust the honey to your taste preference. Want it tangy? Go light on the honey. Craving a touch more sweetness? Drizzle in a bit more!
  • Spice it up!: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or even a pinch of chili flakes for a spicy kick.
  • Vegan magic: Make this lassi vegan by using plant-based yogurt and swapping the honey for your favorite agave nectar or maple syrup.

So, there you have it! Your ticket to a taste of the tropics is just a few blends away. With its creamy texture, vibrant color, and burst of flavor, this Honey Ginger Mango Lassi is sure to become your new go-to summer drink. So grab your blender, gather your ingredients, and get ready to whip up some sunshine in a glass!

Beyond its refreshing tropical taste, the Honey Ginger Mango Lassi packs a punch of benefits for your mind, body, and soul:

Health & Nutrition:

  • Mango Magic: This vibrant fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins A and C, essential for boosting your immune system and keeping your skin glowing. Plus, mangoes are a good source of fiber, aiding digestion and promoting gut health.
  • Ginger Goodness: This spicy root adds a warming kick while offering anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe muscles and ease nausea. Ginger is also known to aid digestion and boost circulation.
  • Yogurt Power: Plain yogurt is a probiotic superstar, promoting gut health and aiding in nutrient absorption. Choose full-fat yogurt for an extra dose of creaminess and bone-building calcium.
  • Honey Helper: This natural sweetener adds a touch of sweetness while offering antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Opt for raw honey for the most benefits.

Mind & Mood:

  • Tropical Bliss: The vibrant color and refreshing taste of this lassi instantly transport you to a sunny beach, lifting your mood and reducing stress.
  • Energy Boost: The natural sugars in mango and honey provide a quick energy boost without the crash of sugary drinks.
  • Mindful Moment: Taking time to savor a homemade lassi can be a mindful practice, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Overall Wellness:

  • Hydration Hero: This creamy drink is a delicious way to stay hydrated, especially during hot weather or after exercise.
  • Digestive Delight: The probiotics in yogurt, combined with the soothing properties of ginger, can aid digestion and ease stomach discomfort.
  • Immunity Ally: The vitamins and antioxidants in mango, ginger, and honey work together to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

So, there you have it! The Honey Ginger Mango Lassi is more than just a tasty drink; it’s a tropical treat that nourishes your body, uplifts your mind, and keeps you feeling your best. So go ahead, blend up a batch and experience the sunshine in a glass!

Frequently Asked Questions: Honey Ginger Mango Lassi with Blender

Q: What kind of mango is best for Honey Ginger Mango Lassi?

A: A ripe, sweet mango is ideal for this recipe. Look for mangoes with a slightly soft give when pressed and a fragrant aroma. Kent, Alphonso, or Ataulfo varieties are great choices. If your mango isn’t quite ripe, freezing it for a bit can help soften it up.

Q: Can I use frozen mango?

A: Absolutely! Frozen mango chunks are a convenient option and work perfectly in this recipe. Just be sure they’re thawed and don’t add any extra ice, as it can dilute the flavor.

Q: Can I make Honey Ginger Mango Lassi without a blender?

A: While a blender is the easiest way to achieve that smooth and frothy texture, you can still make a delicious lassi with some elbow grease. Simply puree the mango and ginger in a food processor or mash them finely with a mortar and pestle. Then, whisk them together with the yogurt, honey, and water until well combined.

Q: Can I make this lassi vegan?

A: Of course! Use your favorite plant-based yogurt alternative, like coconut or soy yogurt, for a creamy and dairy-free version. Swap the honey for maple syrup or agave nectar for added sweetness.

Q: How can I adjust the sweetness or spice level of the lassi?

A: This recipe is easily customizable to your taste. Start with the suggested amount of honey and ginger, then add more or less to your liking. For a touch of extra warmth, try adding a pinch of cayenne pepper or chili flakes.

Q: What can I garnish my Honey Ginger Mango Lassi with?

A: Fresh mint leaves are the classic garnish, adding a refreshing aroma and visual pop. You can also get creative with chopped nuts, edible flowers, or a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Q: How long will this lassi keep?

A: Store leftover lassi in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. However, the texture and flavor are best enjoyed fresh.

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