Vitamix Aer Disc Container Review: Elevate Your Blending Game

Vitamix blenders are kitchen powerhouses, but the Aer Disc Container takes things to a whole new level. This innovative accessory promises silky smooth emulsions, effortlessly whipped creams, and perfect craft cocktails. But is it worth the extra investment? We put it to the test to see if the hype meets reality.

  • Whipped Cream Wizard: Whip up impossibly light mousses, fluffy cream cheese frostings, and airy nut milks with effortless ease.
  • Emulsion Expert: No more grainy salad dressings! The Aer Disc seamlessly blends oil and vinegar into smooth, restaurant-quality emulsions.
  • Flavor Unleasher: Gently muddle herbs and fruits to extract their potent flavors, adding depth and nuance to pesto, cocktails, and sauces.
  • Chill Master: Crushed ice remains intact, chilling your drinks without diluting them. Perfect for perfect margaritas and frosty smoothies.
  • Texture Explorer: Go beyond the expected. Create thick and velvety nut butter, fluffy hummus, and silky baby food.

Pros of Vitamix Aer Disc Container:

close shot Vitamix Aer Disc Container
  • Unlocks new culinary possibilities: From frothy cappuccinos to light and airy desserts, the Aer Disc adds a whole new dimension to your blending game.
  • Elevates flavor profiles: Gentle muddling preserves the delicate essence of herbs and fruits, enriching your sauces and cocktails.
  • Masters emulsions: Say goodbye to oil separation! The Aer Disc effortlessly blends oil and vinegar into smooth, stable emulsions.
  • Chilled perfection: Enjoy frosty cocktails and smoothies without watered-down disappointment.
  • Compact and convenient: Perfect for smaller batches or solo blending, the Aer Disc container is a space-saving addition to your kitchen arsenal.

First Impressions:

  • Sleek and sturdy: The Tritan container feels substantial and dishwasher-safe, while the stainless steel lid adds a touch of class.
  • Unique Aer Disc: The star of the show! This ingenious disc replaces the traditional blade, promising gentle aeration and precise textures.
  • Compact size: Perfect for smaller batches or solo blending, but might limit family-sized recipes.

Performance Powerhouse:

  • Muddling Master: Forget laborious muddling with a bar spoon. The Aer Disc gently bruises herbs and fruits, releasing their potent flavors without pulverizing them.
  • Foam Fantastic: Think impossibly light nut milks, airy whipped creams, and frothy cappuccinos, all achieved with minimal effort and maximum airiness.
  • Emulsion Excellence: Say goodbye to grainy salad dressings and hello to restaurant-quality vinaigrettes and sauces. The Aer Disc effortlessly combines oil and vinegar into smooth, stable emulsions.
  • Chill Factor: Crushed ice remains intact, gently churning your drinks without dilution. Perfect for perfectly chilled margaritas or frosty smoothies.

Learning Curve:

  • Not a pulverizer: This isn’t your standard Vitamix blade. Forget pulverizing nuts or greens into oblivion. Embrace the art of gentle blending for new and exciting textures.
  • Speed & Technique: Finding the right speed and blending time for each task is key. Overdoing it can lead to less-than-ideal results.
  • Recipe Reliance: While cookbooks and online resources offer a wealth of Aer Disc inspiration, be prepared to experiment and discover your own blending magic.

The Verdict:

The Vitamix Aer Disc Container is a worthy addition to any Vitamix enthusiast’s arsenal. It unlocks a world of culinary possibilities, from fluffy mousses to silky sauces, and elevates your cocktail game to new heights. While it has a learning curve, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Is it worth the hype? For those who crave culinary creativity and appreciate nuanced textures, the answer is a resounding yes. For those who simply want crushed ice and smoothies, the standard container might suffice.

Bonus Tip: Invest in the included tamper to guide ingredients towards the Aer Disc for optimal results.

So, grab your Aer Disc, unleash your inner alchemist, and get ready to redefine blending!

Why I Ditched the Blades and Embraced the Aer Disc: Benefits of the Vitamix Aer Disc Container

My Vitamix blender used to be the MVP of smoothies and pulverizing kale into oblivion. But then I discovered the Aer Disc Container, and my blending game went supersonic. It’s not just a fancy attachment; it’s a gateway to a whole new world of culinary textures and possibilities. Here’s why I can’t get enough of it:

1. Flavor Unleashed: The Aer Disc gently muddles fruits and herbs, extracting their essence without obliterating them. My margaritas now sing with citrusy zest, and my pesto explodes with the basil’s fresh bite. Forget bland sauces – the Aer Disc coaxes out hidden depths of flavor.

2. Airy Delights: Imagine whipped cream so light it floats, nut milks as frothy as a cappuccino, and mousses that rival a Michelin-starred dessert. The Aer Disc injects magical air into your creations, adding a whole new dimension of texture and lightness.

3. Emulsion Evolution: Forget grainy salad dressings and vinaigrettes that separate in the blink of an eye. The Aer Disc seamlessly blends oil and vinegar into smooth, stable emulsions that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

4. Chill Factor, No Dilution: Craving a perfectly chilled cocktail without melting ice? The Aer Disc gently circulates crushed ice, keeping your drinks frosty without adding unwanted water. Hello, perfect margaritas all year round!

5. Beyond the Blah: Sure, my Vitamix can still pulverize vegetables into oblivion, but the Aer Disc opens up a whole new universe of textures. Think thick and velvety nut butter, fluffy hummus, and silky smooth baby food. It’s the culinary equivalent of stepping into a sci-fi film – anything is possible!

Learning Curve, but Worth It:

Okay, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Mastering the Aer Disc takes some practice. It’s not your “dump-and-forget” blender blade. Finding the right speed and timing for each task is key. But here’s the thing: the results are so incredibly delicious and visually stunning that the learning curve quickly becomes a source of satisfaction.


The Vitamix Aer Disc Container is a game-changer. It’s not just a tool; it’s an invitation to culinary exploration and reinvention. If you’re a Vitamix owner who craves texture, flavor, and endless possibilities, this is an investment you won’t regret. Trust me, once you experience the magic of the Aer Disc, your blades will gather dust in the corner.

Vitamix Aer Disc Container FAQ: Your Questions Answered!

What is the Vitamix Aer Disc Container?

The Vitamix Aer Disc Container is a specialized accessory for Vitamix blenders. It replaces the traditional blade with a unique disc designed for gentle aeration and precise blending. It unlocks a world of new textures and possibilities, from frothy whipped creams to silky sauces and perfectly chilled cocktails.

What are the benefits of using the Vitamix Aer Disc Container?

  • Unleash hidden flavors: The Aer Disc gently muddles fruits and herbs, extracting rich flavors without pulverizing them. Think vibrant pesto and citrusy margaritas.
  • Create airy delights: Whip up impossibly light mousses, creamy nut milks, and frothy cappuccinos with ease.
  • Emulsify like a pro: Say goodbye to grainy salad dressings! The Aer Disc effortlessly blends oil and vinegar into smooth, stable emulsions.
  • Chill without diluting: Enjoy perfectly chilled cocktails with intact ice, thanks to the gentle circulation.
  • Explore new textures: Go beyond smoothies and dips! Craft thick nut butters, fluffy hummus, and silky baby food.

Is the Vitamix Aer Disc Container hard to use?

It takes some practice compared to the standard blade. Finding the right speed and blending time is key to optimal results. But the included tamper helps, and the rewards are definitely worth the learning curve!

What kind of recipes can I make with the Vitamix Aer Disc Container?

The possibilities are endless! Think craft cocktails, light nut milks, fluffy mousses, smooth sauces, pesto, hummus, whipped cream, and even baby food. Check out Vitamix recipe resources and online communities for inspiration.

Is the Vitamix Aer Disc Container compatible with all Vitamix blenders?

It works with most full-size Vitamix models, with the exception of space-saving models. Always check compatibility before purchasing.

Is the Vitamix Aer Disc Container worth the price?

If you’re a Vitamix enthusiast who craves culinary creativity and new textures, it’s a worthwhile investment. However, for those who just need basic blending, the standard container might suffice.

Where can I buy the Vitamix Aer Disc Container?

You can find it on the Vitamix website, retail stores that sell Vitamix products, and online retailers like Amazon.