Vitamix 15856 Container Review: Conquer Kitchen Chaos with This 64-Ounce Beast

So, you’ve got a Vitamix blender – the undisputed heavyweight champ of the smoothie-sphere. But what if you crave more blending real estate? Enter the Vitamix 15856 container, a 64-ounce behemoth ready to tackle family feasts, party dips, and everything in between. But is it just a big version of the same old, or does it bring something extra to the blending table? Let’s dive in and find out.

Pros of Vitamix 15856 Container:

  • Massive 64-ounce capacity
  • Durable Eastman Tritan construction
  • Crystal-clear visibility
  • Sharp stainless steel blade for smooth blends
  • Convenient measuring markings
  • Secure 2-part locking lid
  • Removable plug for adding ingredients
  • Soft-grip handle for comfort
  • Powerful blending performance
  • Self-cleaning magic

First Glance: Built Like a Tank, Clear as Crystal

This container screams Vitamix quality. Eastman Tritan plastic, practically indestructible, houses the generous 64-ounce capacity. No more blending in batches for large gatherings – this bad boy handles it all. And speaking of seeing it all, the crystal-clear construction lets you witness the delightful pulverization process live, no lid-lifting required.

Features that Pack a Punch:

  • Sharp Shooters: The included wet blade is crafted from hardened stainless steel, pulverizing fruits, veggies, and even nuts into submission. Say goodbye to chunky smoothies and hello to silky perfection.
  • Measure Up: Raised calibrations in ounces, cups, and metric units make portion control a breeze. No more eyeballing and crossed fingers – just precise blending bliss.
  • Lock and Load: The secure 2-part locking lid with a spill-proof vent keeps everything contained, hot or cold. No rogue splatters to mar your blending masterpiece.
  • Feed the Beast: A removable plug in the lid lets you add ingredients on the fly, perfect for those mid-blend adjustments or topping inspirations.
  • Grip it and Rip it: A soft-grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold, even when this container is full to the brim.

Performance: Where Power Meets Precision

The 15856 isn’t just about size; it’s about raw blending power. The Vitamix motor whips through ingredients with ease, leaving no trace of fibrous foes or icy remnants. Smoothies become velvety dreams, nut butters turn impossibly creamy, and hot soups materialize from raw veggies in minutes. This container handles thick and thin with aplomb, proving itself equally adept at delicate sauces and chunky salsas.

Cleaning: A Snap (Thanks to Science!)

One of the best things about Vitamix? Self-cleaning! Just add a drop of soap and warm water, crank it up, and let the centrifugal force do its magic. In minutes, you’ve got a sparkling clean container, ready for your next blending adventure.

The Verdict: A Worthy Upgrade for Serious Blenders

If you’re a Vitamix devotee who craves capacity and convenience, the 15856 container is a no-brainer. Its sturdy construction, powerful performance, and thoughtful features make it a valuable addition to your blending arsenal. Whether you’re whipping up party dips, preparing family feasts, or conquering culinary challenges, this container has your back (and your belly).


The Vitamix 15856 container is a powerhouse addition to any Vitamix blender. Its size, strength, and smart features make it ideal for busy kitchens and ambitious cooks. If you’re ready to graduate from solo smoothies to family feasts and beyond, this is the container for you. Just be prepared to answer questions about those mesmerizingly smooth creations.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the blending beast within and conquer your kitchen chaos with the Vitamix 15856 container!

Why I Swapped to the Vitamix 15856 Container: Bigger Batches, Bolder Blends

Life in the kitchen is all about efficiency and deliciousness, right? Enter the Vitamix 15856 container, my new partner-in-crime for conquering culinary chaos. This 64-ounce behemoth isn’t just about size; it’s about unlocking a whole new level of blending possibilities. Here’s why I made the switch and how it’s transformed my kitchen routine:

1. Family Feasts in a Flash: Forget about blending smoothie batches in shifts. The 15856 lets me whip up enough creamy goodness for the whole crew in one go. From protein-packed morning smoothies for the kids to chunky party dips for game night, this thing handles it all with ease. My family’s bellies (and taste buds) are thanking me!

2. Culinary Creativity Unleashed: This container isn’t just for smoothies (though it makes the dreamiest ones, trust me). Its power and capacity open up a world of recipe possibilities. Think smooth and silky hot soups from raw veggies in minutes, velvety nut butters, and chunky salsas with perfect texture. I’ve even mastered homemade hummus that rivals my favorite restaurant.

3. Convenience is King (or Queen!): No more battling with leftover bits stuck in tiny corners. The 15856’s design ensures everything gets pulverized to perfection. Plus, the self-cleaning magic? Just a drop of soap and warm water, and boom, sparkling clean in seconds. More time for blending, less time for scrubbing? Yes, please!

4. Built to Last (and Look Good): This container isn’t just a pretty face (though it is, with that sleek, see-through design). The Eastman Tritan construction can handle anything I throw at it (figuratively, of course). It’s virtually indestructible, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe for an extra layer of convenience.

5. Control Freak No More: Raised markings in ounces, cups, and metric units eliminate the guessing game. Whether I’m following a recipe or freestyling my way through a culinary creation, I know exactly how much is going in. No more crossed fingers and bland batches!

Honestly, the Vitamix 15856 container has become an extension of my arm (and a major upgrade to my blending game). It’s not just about size; it’s about power, convenience, and opening up a world of culinary possibilities. If you’re a serious blender with a big appetite (or just a love for bold, delicious creations), this is the container for you. Trust me, your taste buds (and family) will thank you.

So, ditch the blending limitations and embrace the beast within! The Vitamix 15856 container is waiting to help you conquer your kitchen chaos and unleash your inner culinary artist. Happy blending!

Vitamix 15856 Container FAQ: Your Blending Beast Questions Answered

Is the Vitamix 15856 container worth it?

That depends on your blending needs! If you frequently handle large batches, crave culinary creativity, or value convenience and power, then the 15856 is definitely worth considering. It lets you tackle family feasts, party dips, and diverse recipes with ease, all while offering self-cleaning magic and a durable design. However, if you primarily blend single-serving smoothies or have limited storage space, a smaller container might be more suitable.

What can I make with the Vitamix 15856 container?

Beyond creamy smoothies, the possibilities are endless! Think smooth hot soups, velvety nut butters, chunky salsas, dips, sauces, baby food, and even frozen desserts. Its power and capacity make it ideal for experimenting with a wide range of textures and recipes.

Is the Vitamix 15856 container dishwasher safe?

Yes! The sturdy Eastman Tritan construction is dishwasher-safe for added convenience. Just remember to place it on the top rack.

Does the Vitamix 15856 container fit all Vitamix blenders?

No, it’s specifically designed for the G-Series and Vitamix 5300 models. Always check compatibility before purchasing.

Is the Vitamix 15856 container BPA-free?

Absolutely! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your blends are made with a BPA-free container.

How easy is the Vitamix 15856 container to clean?

Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the self-cleaning feature! Just add a drop of soap and warm water, blend for a few seconds, and rinse. No more scrubbing stubborn residue.

Is the Vitamix 15856 container leak-proof?

The 2-part locking lid features a spill-proof vent, ensuring secure blending and preventing messy situations.

Does the Vitamix 15856 container come with a blade?

Yes, it includes a wet blade crafted from hardened stainless steel for smooth and powerful blending.

I need to add ingredients while blending. Does the Vitamix 15856 container have a way for that?

Yes! The convenient removable plug in the lid makes it easy to add toppings, adjust sweetness, or throw in last-minute ingredients without stopping the blending process.

Where can I buy the Vitamix 15856 container?

You can find it on the Vitamix website, authorized retailers, and online marketplaces like Amazon.

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