Nutribullet Select 2.0 Blender Review: 1000 Watts of Smoothie Satisfaction Or Just Loud Hype?

Ah, the Nutribullet. It’s practically synonymous with smoothie-making these days, promising effortless blending and nutrient-packed goodness in seconds. But with a new and upgraded model, the Nutribullet Select 2.0, hitting the scene, is it worth the hype? We put it through its paces to see if this 1000-watt powerhouse lives up to its claims.

Dive Into Nutribullet Select 2.0 Review

The Nutribullet Select 2.0 is more than just a smoothie maker; it’s a culinary powerhouse capable of crushing ice, pulverizing fruits and veggies, and whipping up silky smooth blends in seconds. Its sleek design and intuitive controls make it a breeze to use, while its dishwasher-safe parts ensure effortless cleanup.

Nutribullet Select 2.0 Blender

Pros of Nutribullet Select 2.0 Blender :

  • Powerful 1200-watt motor: Tackles tough ingredients with ease, from frozen fruits and nuts to leafy greens and seeds.
  • Extra-large 40-ounce cup: Perfect for sharing or making large batches of your favorite blends.
  • Versatile blade system: Handles everything from smoothies and nut butters to dips and sauces.
  • Simple one-touch controls: Choose from pre-programmed settings or pulse for custom control.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts: Convenient cleanup for a busy kitchen.
  • Sleek and compact design: Takes up minimal countertop space.
  • Durable construction: Built to last for years of everyday use.
  • Portable and lightweight: Easily take it on the go for travel or work.

First Impressions:

Sleek and compact, the Select 2.0 certainly looks the part. It’s got a sturdy base with a satisfyingly hefty feel, and the brushed stainless steel accents give it a touch of elegance (at least until smoothie splatters take over). Setting it up is a breeze – intuitive controls with just two speeds and a pulse function, plus a handy pre-programmed “extract” button for smoothie perfection. Bonus points for the included recipe book packed with smoothie and beyond inspo.

Blending Prowess:

Now, the real test: blending power. This is where the 1000-watt motor shines. Frozen fruit? Pulverized. Nut butter? Creamy dream. Even leafy greens get surprisingly smooth (although we might suggest easing into kale-tastic concoctions if you’re a blending newbie). The pre-programmed “extract” cycle does its job admirably, ensuring maximum nutrient extraction for those health-conscious folks.

But Is It All Sunshine and Rainbows?

Of course, no appliance is perfect. The Select 2.0, while powerful, is loud. Like, “wake-the-neighbors” loud. Not ideal for early morning smoothie sessions unless you want to share your enthusiasm (or face some grumpy stares). It can also be a bit messy – those high-powered blades tend to fling bits and bobs around the base, so cleanup can involve more than just a quick rinse.

The Verdict:

Overall, the Nutribullet Select 2.0 delivers what it promises: fast, powerful blending for delicious smoothies and beyond. It’s easy to use, versatile, and comes with some handy extras. However, be prepared for some noise and potential splatter.

If you’re a smoothie enthusiast who craves convenience and power, the Select 2.0 is a solid choice. Just be prepared for a bit of a racket and some post-blending cleanup. But for occasional blending or more complex culinary adventures, you might want to consider a full-size blender with greater versatility.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But hey, with this review in your arsenal, you can make an informed decision and blend your way to smoothie (or soup, or nut butter) heaven!

Why the Nutribullet Select 2.0 Earned a Permanent Spot on My Countertop: A Personal Ode to Smoothie Bliss

Okay, picture this: it’s 7 AM, you’re bleary-eyed and craving something healthy but delicious to kickstart your day. Enter the Nutribullet Select 2.0, my 1000-watt superhero in the smoothie-making arena. Here’s why it’s become my go-to kitchen companion:

Effortless Efficiency: Let’s be honest, mornings are hectic. The Select 2.0 understands. Toss in your frozen fruit, leafy greens, nut butter, whatever – BAM! Silky-smooth perfection in a minute flat. No pre-chopping, no fuss. Just pure blending bliss.

Nutrient Ninja: This baby doesn’t just pulverize, it unlocks the nutritional potential of your ingredients. The pre-programmed “extract” cycle uses its mighty blades to break down cell walls, making those vitamins and minerals more readily absorbed by your body. Nutritious and delicious? Sign me up!

Versatility Beyond Belief: Smoothies are awesome, but the Select 2.0 doesn’t stop there. Whipped nut butters for healthy spreads? Check. Creamy dips for game night? Done. Soups that warm your soul (literally, thanks to the vented pitcher)? You bet! It’s like a mini culinary chameleon, ready to tackle whatever you throw its way.

Nutribullet Select 2.0 Blender on the table with smoothie

Compact Convenience: My kitchen ain’t a palace, folks. The Select 2.0’s petite footprint takes up minimal space, leaving more room for countertop dance parties (or, you know, actual cooking). Plus, the travel cup lets me take my smoothie creations on the go – hello, park picnics and afternoon pick-me-ups!

Cleanup, Not Catastrophe: Okay, so it’s not magic. Some splatters may occur. But the removable blades and dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze compared to some clunky blenders I’ve known. A quick rinse and it’s ready for round two.

More Than Just a Smoothie Maker: The Select 2.0 has become a symbol of my commitment to a healthier, happier me. It’s fueled countless workouts, jumpstarted lazy mornings, and even satisfied those late-night snack cravings with guilt-free homemade dips. It’s more than just a blender; it’s an investment in my well-being.

So, yeah, the Nutribullet Select 2.0 has earned its permanent spot on my countertop. It’s powerful, versatile, convenient, and makes me feel good about what I’m putting into my body. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your mornings, boost your nutrition, and maybe even add a little joy to your kitchen routine, I highly recommend giving it a whirl. You might just find yourself singing its praises like I am.

Nutribullet Select 2.0: Your Blending Questions Answered!

Hey smoothie enthusiasts! We know you have questions about the Nutribullet Select 2.0, so we’ve compiled this user-centric FAQ to address all your burning inquiries. Dive in and discover if this 1000-watt wonder is your perfect blending match!

Q: Is the Nutribullet Select 2.0 good for making smoothies?

A: Absolutely! Its powerful motor tackles frozen fruits and leafy greens with ease, churning out silky-smooth concoctions in seconds. The pre-programmed “extract” cycle even boosts nutrient absorption for extra health benefits.

Q: How loud is the Nutribullet Select 2.0?

A: Be warned, it’s not the quietest blender on the block. The 1000-watt motor packs a punch, so early morning blending sessions might not be stealthy. Consider blending in batches or investing in earplugs for sensitive neighbours.

Q: Is the Nutribullet Select 2.0 easy to clean?

A: Cleanup is a breeze! The removable blades and dishwasher-safe parts make it a breeze compared to some blenders. However, expect some post-blending splatter around the base, so a quick wipe-down is still required.

Q: Can the Nutribullet Select 2.0 make anything besides smoothies?

You bet! This versatile kitchen companion whips up creamy dips, soups, nut butters, and even frozen cocktails. Get creative and explore its potential beyond the smoothie realm.

Q: Is the Nutribullet Select 2.0 worth the price?

That depends on your needs and budget. If you’re a smoothie fanatic who values convenience and power, it’s a solid investment. However, if you only blend occasionally or need more complex cooking functionality, a full-size blender might be a better fit.