Ninja BN801 Reviews

Hold onto your hats, smoothie enthusiasts, because we’re diving deep into the Ninja BN801 – a machine promising peak blending power and kitchen versatility. But does it deliver creamy dreams or chunky nightmares? Let’s peel back the lid and find out.

Dive Into Ninja BN801 Reviews

Ninja BN801 Blender is a high-powered kitchen appliance that packs a punch when it comes to blending. Whether you’re a smoothie enthusiast, a soup connoisseur, or simply looking for a versatile tool to tackle various culinary tasks, the Ninja BN801 is a worthy contender.

Ninja BN801 Review

Pros of Ninja BN801:

  • Powerful Motor: The BN801’s 1400-watt motor tackles even the densest ingredients, ensuring effortless blending.

  • Versatile Blade System: Six stacked blades in a unique configuration reach every corner of the container for thorough and consistent blending, crushing ice and frozen fruits with ease.

  • Auto-iQ Technology: Five pre-programmed settings simplify the blending process. Just choose your desired outcome, and the blender does the rest, eliminating guesswork and uneven blends.

  • Large Capacity: The 72-ounce pitcher accommodates generous portions, perfect for family gatherings or meal prepping.

  • Single-Serve Convenience: Two included 24-ounce cups with spout lids let you blend and take your creations on the go, ideal for busy mornings or post-workout smoothies.

  • Easy Cleaning: Both the pitcher and blades are dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleanup.

Ninja BN801 Performance Reviews:

Alright, folks, let’s dive into the heart of the matter: the performance of the Ninja BN801.

Speed Demon: First things first, this bike is fast. Like, seriously fast. The 801cc engine kicks out a respectable 105 horsepower, which might not sound earth-shattering on paper, but trust me, it translates to some exhilarating rides. Throttle response is sharp and immediate, and the bike rockets forward with a satisfying snarl from the exhaust.

Ninja BN801 System

Thankfully, the BN801 doesn’t sacrifice agility for power. The lightweight chassis and nimble suspension make this bike a blast to flick around corners. It feels planted and confident even on tight bends, and the responsive steering lets you thread through traffic like a seasoned pro.

Braking Beast: And when it comes time to slow down, the BN801 doesn’t disappoint. The dual-disc brakes up front offer plenty of stopping power, with excellent feel and modulation.

Ninja BN801 is surprisingly fuel-efficient for its size and power. Thanks to some clever engine tech and a focus on reducing friction, you can expect to squeeze out some decent mileage between fill-ups. This means you can spend less time at the gas station and more time enjoying the ride.

Ninja BN801 Design Reviews:

Alright, let’s shift gears and take a closer look at the Ninja BN801’s design. This bike isn’t just about raw power; it’s a head-turner with a style that commands attention.

First Impressions: From the moment you lay eyes on the BN801, you know it’s no ordinary machine. The aggressive stance, low-slung profile, and sharp lines scream performance. The angular fairings hug the engine tightly, accentuating its muscular curves. It’s like a sculpted predator, ready to pounce on the open road.

Color Me Impressed: Ninja did a fantastic job with the color options. The deep metallic black with vibrant green accents is a stunner, oozing sophistication with a hint of playful rebellion.

Details Done Right: It’s the little things that really make the BN801’s design shine. The LED headlights are sharp and futuristic, adding a touch of sci-fi cool.


Function Meets Form: Everything serves a purpose. The aerodynamic fairings cut through the wind like a hot knife through butter, reducing drag and boosting performance.

Overall Design Verdict: In terms of design, the Ninja BN801 is a knockout. It’s a perfect blend of aggressive performance and sophisticated style. It’s a bike that turns heads, sparks conversations, and makes you feel like a superhero every time you swing a leg over the saddle.

Ninja BN801 Reviews FAQ

Is the Ninja BN801 good for smoothie?

Absolutely! The BN801’s 1400-watt motor and Auto-IQ technology pulverize frozen fruit and ice into creamy perfection. Say goodbye to chunky disappointments and hello to velvety textures!

Is the Ninja BN801 versatile?

It’s a kitchen chameleon! Not just for smoothies, the BN801 includes accessories for dips, nut butters, light doughs, and even single-serve cups for on-the-go blending. Think sous chef in a stainless-steel shell.

How easy is the Ninja BN801 to clean?

Most parts are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze. However, the blades require some love due to their nooks and crannies. A good soak and scrub will keep them sparkling.

Does the Ninja BN801 have manual controls?

Yes, but Auto-IQ takes center stage. Pre-programmed buttons for specific blends offer convenience, while a pulse function and manual settings cater to control enthusiasts.

Is the Ninja BN801 worth the price?

It depends on your needs and budget. If you’re a smoothie fiend or crave kitchen versatility, it’s a powerful and convenient option. However, for casual users or tighter budgets, there might be more suitable blenders out there.

Where can I find recipes for the Ninja BN801?

Online resources abound! Check out Ninja’s official website, recipe blogs, and YouTube channels for a world of smoothie and culinary inspiration.

How noisy is the Ninja BN801?

Like most powerful blenders, it can be loud, especially during ice crushing. But hey, the satisfying results usually make up for the temporary sonic boom.

Does the Ninja BN801 leak?

With proper use and lid closure, leaks shouldn’t be an issue. If you encounter any, check the seal and ensure the lid is secure.